Have Set Will Travel
CHESS: The Ultimate Paridigm
THE BOARD (con't)
Drill 1 Answers


it has 64 squares
it has eight vertical rows called files (a-h)
it has eight horizontal rows called ranks (1-8)
EVERY square has its own label: e1, c8, etc.
white’s pieces start on the lowest ranks,

  black’s on the highest

the squares alternate between two colors:

   a light and a dark color; i.e., white & black


the bottom right square is always white

There is a legend that the wealthiest man in a kingdom once wanted to learn from a master player who was a poor man, how to become a master player. The master player agreed to teach the wealthy man only if he would be paid in the following way: using the board, the wealthy man would pay 1 grain of rice for the first square (a1) and then double the amount for each successive space; i.e., 2 grains for a2, 4 for a3, 8 for a4, etc.

The rich man was soon broke and the master player, the poor man, became the wealthiest man in the kingdom. Why was this so? 

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