Have Set Will Travel
CHESS: The Ultimate Paridigm
Questions to Ask Before EVERY Move


1. Am I in check?

            If so, must deal with it!


2. Do I have a checkmate move?

            If so, do it and end the game!


3. Do I have a mating ‘net’?

            If so, do it: check, (forced move), check…checkmate!


4. Why did my enemy do that?

            Ask yourself this, ponder it, if you can answer it you probably won’t lose…and if you can’t

          answer it you’ll probably learn something about the game and get better at it!


5. Are there any ‘free’ gifts (en prise)?

            Make sure they’re not ‘poison’ then take them.


6. Are my pieces fully developed?

            It usually isn’t wise to move the same piece twice, or more, before developing all your pieces.

            While developing your army, try to control the center of the board.


7. Does my king have a back door?

            An escape path is always in order.


8. Create an imbalance to get an advantage!

            Use tactics to create a trade, or sequence of trades, that ends with you being ahead in material

            Once you have a material advantage, keep it by trading even when possible.


9. Can a pawn walk into a promotion?

            Good for you if you can do it, bad for you if your opponent does it

            A pawn that gets promoted to a queen (or rook, or…) is usually a game changer


10. Is a stalemate possible?

            If you’re down and desperate, a stalemate feels like a victory!


            If you’re winning and eyeing victory, a stalemate feels like a disaster.

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