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CHESS: The Ultimate Paridigm
RULES Drill 1
RULES Drill 1: answers
Rules Drill 2
Rules Drill 2: answers
white always moves first and sets up pieces with the a1 square in the bottom, left    corner
a game begins with all the pieces and the board are set up correctly
in tournaments, when its your move and you touch a piece of yours that has at least  one legal move you MUST move the piece you touched. If it is your move and you  touch a piece of your opponents that you can legally capture, you must capture it.
    players can resign (quit) anytime that it is his/her move
a player loses when his/her king is checkmated
there are five ways a game can end in a draw (no winner/no loser):
1. Neither army has mating material (pieces that can checkmate the enemy)
2. Thirty notated turns have occurred in which a piece has not been captured or a pawn moved
3. The pieces on the board are in the EXACT same spaces for any three turns
4. A player’s king is not in check, it is the only piece he can move, and the king has no legal moves
5. A draw can be offered by a player after he/she makes a move and then his opponent accepts the offered draw

En Passant

Pawn Promotion                      Castling


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